Cyfweliad am Swydd - Job Interview

Mae’n ymddangos bo’ fi wedi cael cyfweliad am swydd. I appear to have got a job interview.

It is for a job in the Education sector and calls on professional and subject skills which I have. I should not elaborate more on the job details or identify the institution here at this point except to say that a pretty much fluent level of spoken Welsh (and competence in writing, with a dictionary if need be) is sought.

I am obviously delighted that they are seriously considering my application and that my Welsh, which would never have got out of the closet without SSiW appears to be thought potentially acceptable thus far.

I did phone the Personnel department to confirm my upcoming attendance at the interview and (with a few inital nerves) I spoke entirely in Welsh, apart from a “token” dropping into English to “show that I do in fact speak English, too, as it is in fact my Mother Tongue”. It was hollol ardderchog to be able to make all the arrangements using Welsh, to be understood and to understand (almost) all the speaker at the other end of the line said.

Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn iawn i SSiW for starting me on the journey to here.

I wil update with how I got on after my interview!


Llongyfarchiadau a phob lwc!! That is fantastic news - can’t wait to hear how it goes!