Cyffrous iawn

Dwi’n cyffrous iawn heddiw! While I was at the Castell Nedd fair I came across a Christian book stall. They had some llyfrau Cymraeg. I asked them if they speak Cymraeg and they do. I was excited, as were they. I got a free cup of tea and a lovely long conversation in Cymraeg. I was amazed at how easily the words come out of my mouth and how much of what they were saying I understood. It was very relaxed and easy. This was such a gift as I am leaving on Sunday. What a great finish as its has really boosted my confidence and spurred me on. Planning next time already.


Da Iawn

I expect I’ll be at the sioe in Castell Nedd over the weekend so will have to check it out. The reason I was replying realy, was the Cyffrous Iawn heading. I always thought it was Cyffroes, but you are obviously correct and none of the dictionaries on-line have cyffroes - only cyffrous.

I then googled cyffroes and loads of people are using it spelt like that on-line - there’s a #cyffroes on Twitter and even Bangor University pages have it. This is cracker really, if cyffroes is not a correct spelling.

If loads of people are using it then it’s correct in my book. No question.

Also, you will find some people exclaiming that you can’t say “Dwi’n cyffrous iawn” because it means “I’m very exciting”, not “I’m very excited”. That may be true in chapel, but on the streets that boat sailed long ago.* It means both by now and you’ll know the difference via context.

*No idea what a boat was doing on the streets, mind. :wink:


I agree on both points - I also found other universities and Welsh for adult centres - Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff university. The Sherman Theatre in Cardiff etc etc etc, all with Cyffroes. Google translate accepts it, but that is based on usage and what it picks up trawling the net, but its not in GPC or (UWTSD).

Da iawn ti, Lynne. I hope bootcamp helped with that in some way.

So all that ‘feeling lost’ from bootcamp has paid off. All of that ‘I’ve no idea what’s going on but I’ll join in anyway’ has born fruit.

Cyffrous iawn dw i hefyd!!!


Hmm not sure. I’m only going with the dictionaries.

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Hey Margaret, all your hard work paid off. Diolch.


Bootcamp was my doorway to the wondrous world of Cymraeg. Alternatively you could say it was the deep end of the pool. Splash! I’m planning lots more boot camps.

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Wonderful to hear that you’re reaping some of your just rewards for jumping in at the deep end! :slight_smile:

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Da iawn Lynne!!! Dw i’n mor hapus i’i weld o!!! Dal ati!! Dw i’n gobeithio ein bod ni’n cyfarfod eto’n fuan.


Dw i’n cyffrous iawn hefid (What’s wrong with being exciting, anyway?)

And I’m looking forward to gossiping with you again on Skype when you get back, ALL IN WELSH, or at least Wenglish. xx

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