Cydweli/Kidwelly meetup. Chance to practise your Cymraeg over a coffee

New opportunity to practise your Welsh over a cup of coffee. Every Friday night in the Community Hub, Stryd y Bont, Cydweli 18:30. Suitable for all levels.
Newydd! Cyfle i sgwrsio dros goffi. Bob nos Fercher. Pob lefel.
Cwrdd am gyfnod o sgwrsio anffurfiol yn y Gymraeg. Am fanylion pellach cysylltwch â Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli 01269 871600

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Just a quick update on this. I understand that the meetup will commence next Friday (22/04). There won’t be a meetup the following week (29/04). I will update the post when I receive further information. :smile:

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Haia Bawb,

I’ve contacted Menter Iaith today to seek confirmation as to whether this is going ahead, unfortunately, the lady I spoke to wasn’t sure and I have yet to have confirmation either way. I wouldn’t like anyone to turn up only to find that the meet-up is not going ahead this week, so, it’s probably best not to attend this week and I will do my best to establish what the plans are henceforth. Diolch!

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Bilingual play, Mr Bulkleys Diary, in the Llwyfan, the theatre by the university in Carmarthen instead?


Any more info on this please Margaret

Hi Cara, there is a sgwrs cymraeg in Cedweli on wednesdays at 5.30 to 6.30 at the Hub in Bridge Street — all levels welcome. (BTW, I do not know of any Friday Cymraeg meeting but good luck to it if there is)

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The Play?

Tonight in Bangor,
Thursday in Y Fenni, Abergavenny
Friday in Pontypridd
Saturday in Pontcanna, Cardiff(@sarapeacock) for further info. Although the website doesn’t seem to be responding at the moment.

90 minutes of Diaries, Theatre, History and Science. “Mr Bulkeley or Brynddu” speaks his diary entries, (only some of them) and two others play numerous parts. The diarist speaks in English and most of everything else is in Welsh.

If you mean about the regular Welsh in Cydweli then Elli and Huw of Menter Cwm Gwendraeth appear to be the people to contact.


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Diolch Byron,

Just to confirm that the Sesiwn Clonc Cydweli will be held every Wednesday between 17.30-18.30 in the Community Hub, Stryd y Bont, Cydweli/Kidwelly. There is parking to the rear.

Mae sesiwn clonc Cydweli ar ddydd Mercher am 17.30-18.30. Galwch draw!

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Is this on tomorrow?


Hello Dave,

Sorry for the late reply. The class will be running from 5.30-6.30. I’m unlikely to be there this week, but Byron will be.

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This class will be at 7:30 next week.

I probably won’t be able to attend, though, due to prior commitments that evening (which I entirely forgot about when we were arranging it, sorry).

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The class will be at 7pm this week :slight_smile:

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Went along again last night. No-one there, building locked.

Did the time get rearranged between last week’s and this?

Hello Dave,
I’m sorry about that. I haven’t been able to go for a number of weeks, but Byron is there every week and he has a key. If the door is locked, it may be worth checking in The Fish, the pub opposite, as usually Byron is there before the class.
If you are on Facebook, you could follow 'Sgwrs Cymraeg yn yr Hwb Kidwelly

Byron posts regularly on here and gives updates if there is a change to the time.

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Facebook is evil.

I have made an account solely for this, and submitted a request to join the group.

Hi Dave and all coming to sgwrs cymraeg cedweli … last wed (6th July) was just one of those ‘if it can go wrong, it did’ days. We are back and rolling at 7pm every wednesday. To you Dave does Jiminy mean anything?

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Hello. Could someone clarify when these meetings take place, please? Are there two groups- one for SSIW members and another for non-members? I’ve looked through these posts and found several different times. I went to a meeting at the Hub a few months ago, but found it closed the next week, so I didn’t continue, but that might not have been a SSIW group- I would like to join one or both as I live in Kidwelly, but am totally confused at the moment-please help!
Liz O’Neill

Three of us meet regularly and reliably in the Fisherman’s Arms in Kidwelly, on a Wednesday at 18:30 for an hour or so. You’d be very welcome to join us to hear tales about being chased by animals and attacked by hedges.

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Thanks, Dave. Will look forward to being there next Wednesday.

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Great to hear it. It’s pretty quiet around that time, but if you don’t spot a likely looking group Sandra at the bar will know who you mean.

Maybe I should get a red carnation…

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