Cwrs 3 lesson 10 - iddi / iddo vs bod - confused

I don’t understand why iddi / iddo keeps cropping up.- Can anyone explain?

The sentence ‘I heard that he saw something’ translates as ‘clywais I iddo fe weld rhybeth’ but I want to say ‘clywais i ei fod e wedi gweld rhybeth’

similarly ‘I heard that she said something’ translates as ‘clywais i iddi hi weud rhybeth’. Again I want to say ’ clywais i ei bod hi wedi gweud rhybeth’.

Can anyone advise whether my translation is wrong or just different? Is there a pattern to follow that explains when iddi / iddo etc should be used? - Diolch

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What you’re producing is fine, Bill, so you’re obviously doing excellently. This is just a variant structure thrown into the mix to give you a few more options - don’t worry about it at all, use it if it happens to come to mind, and you’ll find yourself noticing it/understanding it when other people use it…:smile:

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Thanks - that’s really helpful.

Croeso mawr…:smile: