Curious about Dreaming in Welsh

Various people have spoken about dreaming in Welsh. @aran has commented on it being a significant step. I just wondered why? in what way and at what stage in learning does this happens for people?
I had a dream last night where I chose to speak Welsh and some people sneered and others were pleasantly surprised and encouraging. I am at level 3.
Just curious.


Nice! How did you feel when you woke up and realized you were dreaming in Welsh?

My first was actually very early in my learning (around one month after I had started SSiW) and quite funny: within the dream, just like right before going to sleep I really wanted my brain to be quiet and relax. But my mind carried on repeating Welsh sentences like SSiW ones! :scream: And I was talking to myself trying to stop it! :rofl:

I can kinda guess it’s because I started in a quite intensive way, and with basically no knowledge at all of the language. So my brain was pushed to do quite an effort to process all that data.

My Welsh studying is not constant but rather.a lot for a short period of time, than almost nothing for months (and so on). Every time I’m back at it, a few days in, I feel quite confused and tired again, and I tend to dream in Welsh again!


Hi franhunni
I am also studying level 3, and I had a similar experience this week.I woke up with a welsh song in my head. only a few lines and I didn’t know from where or what the words were. I messaged them to a welsh speaking friend and asked for help. here is a copy of the messages.
me: Bore da Mair.gwych i weld y merched . Dw i’n wedi codi gyda’r cerdd hwn yn ben fi? Dych chi’n nabod hi? woke up with this ringing round my head? any idea what song it is ? I hope I have spelt it ok.
Mae fyn harri gwydd yn gwybod. Mae eu eiddo bethyl fi.

Mair: Takes me back to my childhood! Mynd â fi’n ôl i’m plentyndod! You are quoting the chorus of a child’s hymn.
Mae’n fy ngharu
Rwyf yn gwybod
Mae eu eiddo
Byth rwyf fi
Mae’n fy ngharu
Diolch iddo
Prynodd fi
At Galfari

He loves me
I know that he owns me
He loves me
Thanks to him
He bought me
On Calvary

Mair: So good to see you both yesterday. Isn’t it strange how the language is in there somewhere!
Me: Wow thank you Mair. How is that up in my head? Must be from infant or junior school assembly’s. Learning Welsh is stirring up something in me.

Mair: Mae dy Gymraeg yn ardderchog Andy!

Me: Diolch Mair, Dw’n dysgu gyda’r cwrs Say Something In Welsh . Dw’n wedi dechrau un blwyddyn yn ol.

Interesting how learning Welsh is embedded deep somehow. Loving how I feel about connecting with my Wales and my language. @arran


This has never happened to me, in any language I’ve studied. Which is kind of disappointing.

I do recall once dreaming about being in China and speaking what was supposedly Chinese - except it sounded exactly like Spanish. I don’t speak either Chinese or Spanish and have never been to China.

So make of that what you will.

@gisella-albertini It is interesting how the brain works. I had a difficult month health-wise and spoke very little Welsh. Maybe I was worrying about getting back into the groove! I can imagine intense learning could make it hard for the brain to turn off. I was surprised just how much Welsh I spoke in my dream. Also odd that I knew I wasn’t very good. Would like a dream where I am full of confidence and speak with a wonderful accent😀

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@AndrewR. That’s really interesting. For how long did you use Welsh at school? When did you stop speaking Welsh? Lovely that your brain has kept that knowledge.

@PeterG sounds like you have some fun dreams😀

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Ha ha, that’s probably one of my more mundane dreams!

I don’t know whether I’ve just started dreaming in Welsh or whether this thread has just made me notice it, but I’ve definitely been dreaming in Welsh the last two nights.

Interestingly last night I dreamed I was doing a language swap session, where I was talking Welsh and French. I did French and Spanish at uni twenty years ago but haven’t spoken either since. I’m trying to revive my Spanish at the moment but haven’t really tried to revive the French yet so it’s interesting that it’s the French which popped out in my dream (albeit haltingly). It really does show how dreams are the brain sorting stuff out.

Oh dear, my brain must be in a right old middle then, given the dreams I have!

Muddle, even😊

Infants and junior school in Cardiff we spoke some Welsh in the playground. I remember we used to have English assemblies and Welsh assemblies on alternate days. It all changed at Comprehensive school and we were discouraged from speaking Welsh except in Welsh lessons. I guess because English speaking teachers didn’t understand what was being said about them and why children were giggling at the back. Also Welsh speakers were swamped by others in the playground. Happy days most of them.