Courses and levels

I am currently on challenge 11 level 1 and have just taken a peak at the old course and it appears to me that the old course provides more useful vocab. I definitely do not want to give up on the new course but i was wondering if it is a good idea to do both new and old at the same time.

Hi @caspar-1
I think that it is more usual for people to complete the 3 levels of challenges and then go back and run through the old course, which does indeed include extra vocab. Doing new and old in parallel might perhaps prove confusing - though I am easily confused. You may find that some of the old course 1 vocab does turn up later in the new challenges.
Best of luck with it.

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Oh ok. That is really useful. I think I will do just that


This is a complete different topic but I have noticed that in some lessons it would ask me to say something with a word in it that they have never taught me before. Wyt ti’n gybod pwy

I wouldn’t bother too much. Once you have listened to the answer then you can use the word/words again. Since the same words come back again and again (spaced repetition) I didn’t bother making notes or anything like that. I assumed that it would fall into place later. Mostly it did.

oh ok. I am only on challenge 11 level 1 you see so new to it

You have some notorious challenges to come soon. Hang in there, and it will soon get better again.

Thanks for the heads up.