Course v levels

‘Hey, does anyone else want to poke Aran in the eye for making us work too hard?’


just wondering how other people who started with the old couse and switched to the new
on are getting on?

im finding it difficult but I think I just need to keep going like past lessons.

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My experience: if you find it hard to switch to Level 1 from Course 1 go with the old materials all the way though to Course 3. Believe me, when you come to the end of Course 3 and start with Levels it will be everything much easier. The whole Course 3 is one whole BIG SHORTENING. - I’m kidding though but really it literally is all dedicated to shorten forms of verbs. A bit (well will be honest - quite) hard, but it pays off when starting Level 1 after it (at least it did to me). If you would read my statistics, you’d see I never was under 20 % lesson made correctly.

And, eh, wait with poking @aran in the eye until I have that 1 hour “surprise” conversation with him. I don’t want to get him being in bad (or even mean) mood. :slight_smile: - hehe


I started with Course 1, did Vocabs, then Course 2, was finding Vocabs tough after Course 2 and so Aran suggested I started the Levels. Finished Level 1 and just started Level 2 (northern). I have to say i really loved Level 1 and it gave me clarity on some stuff i struggled with in the Courses. I have only just begun Level 2 and finding it a bit tougher but as you know yourself it’s best just to crack on…it will (hopefully) click over next few lessons. I am currently talking about other people’s kids, the older one is fifteen and the other one is a real handful - I’ve not got to grips with it yet and I’m off to my beloved Ynys Môn next Friday - I’m only glad it’s term time!!


I did both courses (southern), and I found that level one is quite differently structured to course one. Depending on how far you got through the old course, you might find it a but of an adjustment, because the structures they teach in the levels are much more colloquial. But it’s definitely worth doing. It has certainly enhanced my conversational skills and make my Cymraeg much more expressive!


That’s the one! :sunny:

[Glad to hear you’re suffering. No pain, no gain…;-)]

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Why I knew exactly what you’d gonna say. :slight_smile: :grinning: