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Starting course tomorrow in welsh language, does anybody have an idea how the lessons will start. like will they start with the alphabet?

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Hi Markie,

Courses that are run at Welsh universities are usually run under the Welsh for Adults company. The usual way you can tell this is if their marketing material was all purple and white!

I’ve not been on a course by them, so I’m not sure where their starting point is - but there are some people on the forum who’ve done some form of course with them who might be a better help than me :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s who im with!

I can’t say for sure, of course, but usually Welsh for adults courses start with how to greet one another and introduce oneself, though it depends on the course. One non-standard course I really enjoyed began by asking who wanted tea and who wanted coffee and how to count how many of each. I’ve never actually done a course that began with the alphabet.

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