Course notes

Hi i was wondering how to download / print out the course notes as it helps me to read the words as well as listen. I did somehow manage to do this for level 1 some while ago but now have moved onto level 2. Any help would be appreciated. cheers Nathan

Here you go. Scroll down to where it writes “Where can I find the lesson guides and how should I use them?” and click on it. Clicking on it it will expand and you’ll see all guides available until now. But as much as I can see they are not available for the Level 2.

The other option is to click on Vocabulary list at each challenge you’re at and see there the words and guides.

Here on this forum also exists the topic in which you can see all gathered things from various topics compiled together as a Level 2 guide Northern. The link is here.

I hope this helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile: