Course notes and vocabulary for Level 1 (new!)?


Does anybody know if there are lesson guides and vocabulary sections available for Level 1 (new!) for south wales version?? As are for course 1 & 2.

I have been advised by Aran Jones to ask on here if anybody can help?

Thankyou in advance for any help,
Best Regards,
Thomas Smith

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S’mae Thomas?

Croeso cynnes i’r fforwm! You will need to send a private message to @faithless78 (Gavin) or do a search of the forum in order to get the latest copy of the PDF for Level 1 South. I hope you get a copy soon, but post back if you need any assistance in sending a PM or doing a Search!

Pob lwc!



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Thankyou very much for your help essenbee.

Are there any vocab sessions available for Level 1 North please?

Hi Mez, and welcome to the forum!.. :sunny:

No - the vocab sessions were a fix for stuff that shouldn’t have been left out of the old Course 1, based on our earliest Bootcampers - the key material (particularly from the 3x ‘Bootcamp’ vocabs) is all built into Level 1 from the beginning… so once you’ve finished Level 1, you’re immediately ready for Level 2… :sunny:

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Thanks @Aran :grin:

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