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I currently subscribe to Welsh (which I love!) and have recommended the Spanish course to someone based on that. I can’t find any payment/cost details. All I found was a link to five free lessons and a bit where it said each MP3 lesson is £10. Can you buy Spanish on subscription like Welsh? Where can I find the details? This is the page I’ve been looking at

¡Hola, Emma!

Welcome to the Spanish forum! :slight_smile: There isn’t a subscription like Welsh, as far as I know. @aran will be able to provide details of the costs of the course for you - I don’t want to give you duff info, so it’s best from the horse’s mouth!

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Hi Emma,

No, I’m afraid we don’t currently do a subscription-based approach for Spanish - it didn’t work very well when we did - so you’ll need to buy in chunks - it’s pretty cheap at the moment, about £25 per level - we’ve been testing different prices, and might need to hike it up again at some point.

If you click on a link for an individual lesson that you don’t have, you should get the current payment options - let me know if that doesn’t happen for you… :sunny:


Thanks, Aran!
If I click on lesson 6 it asks me for £10 for the next 10 lessons. So, that seems about right. (And very good value I reckon!).
I’ll pass on the info, and maybe even try out some of the lessons myself - in the summer when I’ve got a bit more free time. I should be writing an essay right now :sweat:


Ah, the joys of essay writing! I feel your pain…:wink:

The cost on the App is a little more expensive at £12.99 for 10 lessons but is probably worth it as it is simpler to use than downloading MP3 files, etc.



Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes, due to exchange rate changes, the pricing between the app and the website get out of sync. I’ll check whether we should be adjusting that!

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Thanks for flagging that up, George - as Jeff says, it’s fiddly to make sure that we keep the prices exactly matched, but that’s what we’re always aiming for… :slight_smile:

Ok, this is timely, as I want to recommend SSiS to a friend and I’ve spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what the price is to a newbie (i.e., logging myself out & coming to it “new”):

Website: FAQ says SSiS is “£10 a session” and says nothing about any free lessons. No indication that “session” means anything different from “challenge,” so leaves strong impression with me that it’s 10 pounsd per challenge from the start. That matches what emma says in this thread. I strongly suggest changing this text, and dropping “session” language if what you mean is something else like “challenge” or “each set of 10 challenges 6-15 or 16-25.”

iOS app: There’s no info anywhere about pricing, unless you happen to get the idea to click on higher-level challenges. Pricing should be prominent on the Apple Store page and in something easy to find under the “info” button, I think.

So…what is the correct answer: Challenges 1-5 plus one listening session free, then 10 pounds for each set of 10 challenges thereafter? And is it different on website and in app (b/c as I look at the app this morning, it says 10 challenges for 10 pounds, which I thought was same as website…so maybe you’ve changed it since the earlier posts in the thread that said app & website pricing were accidentally different)?


I think that’s where we are right now - we’ve tested so many different approaches, it’s all got a bit confusing - that’s probably why the FAQ. And I’m quietly wondering about putting 10 lessons in front of the pay-wall at the moment…

We do need to tighten up on this - one or two more marketing tests in the next month or so, and a new approach to sharing free lessons, and then we should at last be in a position to do some proper tidying up… :slight_smile:

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'Tis true, I adjusted the prices on above advice from Aran that we should be in sync.


I’ve put in a help topic after the one that tells you how many free lessons you get. Since it varies with currency, and since currency itself varies, I just said basically “in the UK, it’s 10 lessons for about £10”.

I want to elaborate on this more, but that’ll do for now, I hope :wink: