Course 3 lesson 4 north

Me again sorry,This time Bod where it means ‘That’ I understand the conjugations Mod i, bo’ch di, Fod o/hi and their shortened forms Bo fi, Bo’ch di etc. I dont understand these conjugations when in the imperfect That I was, That thou were,
That he/she/it was etc. For example Aran translates That she was leaving him as ‘Bod hi’n ei adael o’ and not ‘Bod roedd hi’n ei adael o’ Why is this? are both forms used in speech? or doesn’t it matter. Is roedd omitted for all conjugations singular & plural, are there any rules governing this?

S’mae Dadllo82?

You do not use both bod and roedd, because roedd is the past tense of bod (the verb “to be”). From listening to the examples given by Aran, you can say -

O’n i’n gwybod bod hi’n gadael - I knew that she was laving
Dw i’n gwybod oedd hi’n gadael - I know that she was leaving

But you don’t use bod oedd together. I will emphasise that I am no grammatician, but this is what I have picked up from listening to Welsh speakers.



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In addition, I think (though I could well be wrong) that you get the past tense sense in that clause from the beginning of the sentence.

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Great! thanks for the clarification.Sorry for delay. Unfortunately it raises a whole plethora of other questions,but its late so I will accept “thats the way its said” & move on .

John: The way I’ve come to understand how to translate “that” (when used to join phrases) into Welsh, is, well, not to. In other words, when going from English to Welsh, the “that” goes away, and you go straight to the verb of the second phrase. When saying things in “long form” as we’re used to for most of the course so far, that verb will be bod (which, as you saw above, can vary by tense). But as you learn more short forms, you start encountering examples where it’s a different verb. I’m going to make up an example, and hopefully I get it right: I didn’t know that you said it - Do’n i ddim yn gwybod ddydes ti fo. (I realize that I have no idea how to spell the short forms of the verb deud - so I’m just guessing, hopefully it was close enough to be clear!)

Again, this is simply how I’ve come to understand it. I’m happy to hear a better way of understanding it :wink: