Course 2 Vocab C2DeBLeMaFe

Having trouble working out the Welsh for next/beside/besides. It sounds like ‘wrth ychr’ or ‘wrth ochre’ but am not convinced or confident at all of the second word. It’s in South Welsh course in Course 2 Vocab C2DeBleMaFe.

You’re close! It’s ochr. :slight_smile:


Thank you for ‘ochr’. I have struck two more that defy a Google Translate and a Welsh dictionary search:smile:
Both are in the vocab lesson for Old Course 2 on the body (Corff)
Firstly, the plural of 'coe’s, sounds like ‘coesu’, though because of ‘breichau’, I was expecting it to be coesau. So I’m not sure of the spelling of 'leg’s in Welsh.
Secondly, I don’t know how to write the Welsh for ‘itch’ or ‘tickle’. It sounds like ‘cawsych’

I think I forgot to post the ‘thank you’ above and it got stuck in preview mode.
Now I am stuck again - got to the end of Course 2. When I am able to do something everyday, it flows well, I remember things from lesson to lesson. Then I struck the very last vocabulary lesson and feel overwhelmed with what I can’t recall - especially from the vocabulary lessons.
I feel I need to write all the prompts out, write them in Welsh and memorise them - before doing it aurally. I have just read all of the tatjana progress reports and relate very well to her feelings although especially the feeling of wondering why I can remember other languages but not this one which is freshest in my mind.
I would never give up on Welsh but am wondering where to next. Climb the huge hill that this last vocabulary session presents? Do Level 2 challenges? - I have done both Course 1 and Level 1 and found Level 1 more satisfying. I watch YouTube and try reading Lingo Newydd to stay in touch but feel very ‘blocked’ about that last Course 2 Vocabulary lesson.
I have very quickly read the 7 stages of Learning a Language - maybe starting Stage 2 of that would be the way forward?


legs: coesau - so you are correct in your expectations!

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I’d recommend you don’t do this! Why not give yourself a month away from the vocab lessons, and come back (just to that particularly difficult last one) once a month for the next three months?

Meanwhile, yes, I’d certainly recommend that you push on with Level 2… :sunny:

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Hi, I am also struggling with the C2 vocab units. It was so exciting finishing C2 but then I started the 10 impossible vocab lessons :frowning:


Well, I can promise you that they’re not actually impossible:wink:

Don’t worry about them. Just breeze through them, ignoring your mistakes, and get them done and move on (and then come back to the last vocab session once a month or so for a while) :sunny:

I suppose 4 wasn’t tooooo bad :slight_smile: Will struggle on!

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