Course 2 SSiW

Finally after a year an a half I am on Course 1 Lesson 25. I’m not saying I am perfect or quick but the material is finally sinking in and solidifying. After lesson 25 the logical step should be to start Course 2 but I have no means to access the course. I do not do electronic banking of any sort, have no mobile or email (through choice). I do have a cheque book and a pendrive. Would it be possible to post a cheque and the pendrive with a SAE for somebody in SSiW to copy the second course? In the mean time I shall continue with lesson 25 and then have a crack at the old Course 1 (southern).
I have to say that I never thought I would get this far with Welsh as I am usually quite useless with languages. Your entire approach to learning languages should be looked at by nations worldwide. It is a remarkably successful approach.
Living here in Borneo I can’t interact with Welsh speakers much at all (no Skype either!).
Diolch yn fawr.iawn.


Yeah, I can see how that would make things tricky. It’s definitely worth going through the old course 1 for now; there’s a lot of stuff covered in that that isn’t in the new course (and likewise a lot of stuff in the new course that wasn’t in the old). @aran might be able to help you out with this.

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Well done for getting through all 25 challenges! I’m glad to hear it’s coming together for you.

I think the question about money is one for @iestyn and @aran to work out. I think they both have children on half term holioday which is making it a bit hectic for them this week.

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Hi Alice, Not quite well done. I said I am on challenge 25 - not through it, yet! I’ll get there in time.

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Sorry. Yes I misread. But you have already done 24 challenges. I can’t wait until I get that far. =)

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Huge congratulations on getting to lesson 25! And thank you very much indeed for your kind words…:slight_smile:

How are you currently accessing the Course 1 material? And posting on here? :slight_smile:

@YDraigGoch I do hope @aran sorts something out for you and so sorry you can’t Skype, because it would be lovely to chat and see sunshine outside in Borneo!! (Not stressing that this part of Scotland is north of Moscow!). Are there still things called Banker’s Drafts? They used to be very useful for paying important things! And if you can post on the Forum, can you not also get Challenges and Lessons via the same route? You can download on to a laptop, for example. @tatjana ideas?

How far are you through your SSiW course (southern I presume)?

I have access to the internet from time to time but that’s about it. email always requires a mobile contact which I don’t want!
I had a friend here copy the first course for me a year and a half ago. I am really quite hopeless with computers and I have no desire to link up to the digital age beyond where I am now.
Yes, your structured course is brilliant - world class pat on the back for you all in admin.

This is how daft I am. I have no idea what a Banker’s Draft is other than it’s something to do with banking. I did get Course 1 from the internet ages ago but Course 2 needs some credit card or electronic banking ordeal which I’ve never had or want. Still use local bank passbook and collect cash as and when I need it. Nothing digital at all and I love it.

Yes …

Da iawn ti @YDraigGoch! Congrats! You’ll get through that Lesson 25 too. all do eventually so you’d do it too.

Pob lwc a hwyl!

When you go into your Bank with your pass book, ask the cashier person, “Do you issue Bankers’ Drafts?” If the cashier looks blank, explain that you want to post money safely to Britain! Basically, some years back, I wanted something more certain than a cheque and safer than cash and was told,“Oh, you want a bankers’ draft!”

Well, one of those lovely SSiW things has just happened again… :heart:

@YDraigGoch - someone with access to electronic setups has just offered to sponsor your membership - to help keep it simple for you and for us… :slight_smile:

I’m just sorting out details with them, and then we’ll get your files to you… :slight_smile:


When a love button just isn’t enough…

If you’re reading this, anonymous donor - I think you’re wonderful :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes southern. =) Level 1 ch 11.