Course 2 (South) Lesson 0 Vocabulary and Patterns

Is there a vocabulary and pattern guide to Lesson 0 please?

I made my own notes, but would like to check them and others may find this helpful too.

DIOLCH yn fawr iawn,

See if this helps:

Course 2 Lesson 0 thread

If not, let us know… :slight_smile:


Excellent Anna, thank you.

That thread confirms my own guesswork, or perhaps memory based on notes I now recall a SSiW friend sent me when I first tackled this (before a bit of a hiatus). See, more proof that it does ‘stick’.

I am wondering if it would be helpful to add these patterns to the SSiW lesson notes to save others resurrecting these questions, although coming to the Forum also allows us to meet more fellow SSiWers.

DIOLCH yn fawr iawn,

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