Course 1

Completed up to end of lesson 10 whilst on holiday in Portugal for 4 weeks. Aiming to complete course 1 before we go home on 17th - great that my husband is doing the course too so we can practise and help each other - feeling very proud of ourselves and looking forward to telling colleagues when we get home :smile:


Croeso i’r fforwm Kate!

Fantastic that both of you are learning at the same level at the same time - natural conversation partners! Pob lwc with the rest of the Level, and keep us up to date with your progress, especially with your encounters with Welsh in the Wild.




Diolch yn fawr Stu


Croeso i’r fforwm!

I’m extreamly happy you’re both doing course together and so you can practice at any time. Hardly wait to hear more especially when you finish the first course.

Da iawn chi! :slight_smile:

Diolch tajiana :+1:t2:

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Awesome - that’s a flying start and no mistake! Good luck with the rest of it - consider running 11 to 25 without repetition (you can always repeat later) just to make sure you hit your target of finishing the course - and it’d be great to hear how you get on with telling your colleagues! :slight_smile: :star2:

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