Course 1 weekly practice session IOS app

Helo! I wonder if anyone can help me!? I started course 1 over a year ago, did really well then had to have a break and I want to go back to course 1 rather than level 1. On the IOS app I have with course 1 on there seems to be no ability to download weekly practice sessions… Have I got that right or am I missing something obvious?! Big Diolch! Pat

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I’m just going to flag this up for @lewie who’ll be able to give you the full lowdown…:slight_smile:

Since you started a year ago, is it possible that you have the old app installed? If you haven’t updated, search on SaySomethinginWelsh in the App Store and install the new app.

If you are running the new app, tell me a bit more about the problem that you are seeing.


Hiya Aran and Lewie!
My bad! Yes I do have the newest app and being a bit new to my apple device I didn’t realise the old course 1 is on there by swiping across! And beyond that swipe are the speaking and listening exercises! Thanks guys! Diolch!!! Pat


Glad to hear that you sorted it. One of these days, I’ll put in one of those helpful nudges that makes it clear how to navigate between courses. In the meantime, the Info tab covers a lot of hopefully helpful tips.