Course 1 v Level 1

Having completed both Course 1 and Level 1, and having repeated the whole of Level 1 plus the vocab lessons of Course 1, I would like to give some feedback.
To be frank, I do not think that either Level 1 or Course 1 is better than the other. I found that the two courses actually complement each other. Course 1 is a good introduction to the structure of Welsh. I feel that this is rather lacking in Level 1. Conversely, Level 1 is a more “high-energy”, “get out and speak from day 1” approach that Course 1 lacks. I could perhaps say that Course 1 is strong in depth and Level 1 is strong in breadth. I therefore see no benefit of doing one by itself over the other, and I think that I was correct to do both.
I fully appreciate that I have not yet started Level 2 or Course 2, and my that opinion may change as I progress, depending on the material offered in these two parallel intermediate courses. But this is my opinion as things stand at the moment, and I’d like to hear from other people on the matter.
Where next? I’ve just registered as a paying member, and it’s a pleasure to help support this enterprise. I’m going to do Course 2, and the plan (which may change) is to do Level 2 afterwards.
Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb (North and South) who have helped to make SSiW a reality.


Hi Baruch! Congratulations on your progress so far. I completed Course 1 in North Welsh yesterday and today I shall start working through the vocab lessons. While I am itching to dive into Course 2, I have been wondering if there would be any benefit in taking a quick, refreshing detour through Level 1, since I am slowly battling my way through French at the moment as well. I appreciate your use of the word “breadth” which gives me a good understanding of what I can expect from Level 1.


I did Course 1 and went on to Course 2 even though Level 1 was becoming available by then. My wife had started Course 1 and found it a bit of a struggle so she went back to the start and used Level 1 with much better results. Now we have learned different things in different ways. I’m at the end of Course 2 and of little help to her and she has been using short forms, which I haven’t even started on.
I think you may well be right to treat them as complementary. They both have value and one may suit you better than the other, anyway.


Thanks very much indeed for your feedback, your kind words and your support - hugely appreciated…:slight_smile:


Raymond is at mini bootcamp next month! i fear he will be very good!

I think I may be very quiet!

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