Course 1 or Level 1?

Should one begin this sojourn with Course 1 or Level 1 (new!)? I am totally confused as someone unfamiliar with the site but who has read so many pages of it but have already clicked on links that are no longer in use… Feeling frustrated in Massachusetts. I wrote a message similar to this last week but could not find it on the Forum for responses.
My question: I have not begun the work - should I begin with Course 1 or Level 1?
Diolch yn fawr.

Honestly, it depends. If you’re planning to study Northern Welsh, go with Level 1; it’s better written than Course 1 and will teach you far more useful Welsh right from the get go. If you’re planning to study Southern Welsh, I’d probably recommend going with Course 1, because Level 1 for Southern Welsh isn’t actually finished yet (it’s currently a little over half way through), and while Level 1 is better, Course 1 is still very good. Not only that, but by the time you finish doing Course 1, Level 1 might actually be finished for Southern Welsh.

Hello Chris,
Thank you so much. I feel that I know where I am going now! I was born in Wales, in South Wales, but on a recent visit found so many more folk speak Welsh in the North, and all the way down to the northern Brecon Beacons, that Northern Welsh seemed to make sense. Now I know how to begin, many thanks, dolch yn fawr.

I mean, “diolch yn fawr” - a typo!