Course 1 or Level 1?

Returning to Ssiw, after many months away, I now see a new set up and a Level 1, in addition to the Course 1.

How are we supposed to use these? Work our way through Course 1 and occasionally use Lesson 1, as a learning tool/ test ?

Level 1 is the new Course 1. North currently has more lessons available in it than South does. I’d give Level 1 a go.

How far did you get on the old course? If you got quite far I’d stick with the old course. Not sure what other people think but it could be confusing to do the new course when you’re half way through the old one, as the course seems to jump straight in at the deep end and use material from beginners/intermediate/advanced, which you might not be familiar with, or just do a few lessons and see how it goes,

S’mae Vince,

Croeso’n ol!

The new Level1 course is highly recommended and will put you in a great position to benefit from the new listening practices that will hopefully be available in the near future. These latter promise to be a step-change in effectiveness as tools for improving listening skills. The level 1 course content is superb, and will give you much greater conversational abilities.



Thank you all for the advice.

I personally would do the ‘old’ Course structure, starting with Level 1, as my mainstay. The reason is that you will surely want to move forward more quickly than SSIW can get the new material written for the rest of new Level 1 and then 2 and 3. There’s no reason you can’t do Level 1 (new) as a supplement to the Course 1/2/3 structure, though!