Course 1 and Challenge 1 Confused by differences

I completed the Course 1 (North) some time ago and after a quick revision am trying the course called Challenge(as further revision. I immediately notice some differences. For example “I can’t” and “I wanted” were taught as “Dw i ddim yn medru” and " wnes i isio"
In Challenge they’re “fedra’ i ddim” and “o’n i isio”
I guess part of the difference is down to mutations but even the structure is different. Especially unsettling is the loss of the very familiar Dw i.
I’m guessing there are a lot more to go.
Thank you for this wonderful resource.
Help I’m hopeless at un-learning stuff.

Yes, the structures are different but that’s because there is more than one way to say the same thing in Welsh - all the forms you have quoted are equally correct and valid. SSiW purposely exposes you to the different forms because that’s what you’ll hear in reality.


Thanks for that. I forget that in English (as in all languages) there are indeed many ways of saying the same thing.