Could you help check my Welsh, please?

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if a kind soul could help me finish off a very brief tribute I’m writing to an uncle whose funeral I’m going to next week.

Uncle Ron was Welsh and, as a young girl, I would beg him to recite the name of the ever so famous town on Anglesey… Again and again! I found it completely exotic and thrilling and like to think he was at least a small influence in my choosing to begin to learn Welsh in later years.

I’ve written a very brief tribute to him for the order of service for his funeral, but want to finish with the words… Thank you for the Welsh, rest in peace, dear man.

I’m very much at the start of my learning journey, so have this at the moment…

Diolch am y Cymry. Gorffwyswch mewn heddwch, ddyn annwyl.

Could anyone tell me if it’s correct (I obviously don’t want to say the wrong thing!) please?

Thanks so much,

Liz x

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Sorry to hear of your loss.

What you’ve got is almost right, just a couple of things -
‘Cymry’ means ‘Welsh people’. “Thank you for the Welsh (language)”, which I think is what you’re meaning to say, would be “Diolch am y Gymraeg”.
I think “Ddyn annwyl” is fine, but is more along the lines of “my dear fellow” than “dear man”, so to be honest, a 1st language speaker’s opinion would be useful here (I’m 2nd language).

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Thank you, @siaronjames :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would it be fitting to say “Diolch am iaith y nefoedd”? Thank you for the language of heaven - everyone knows what language that refers to :slight_smile:


Correct me if I am wrong but would “my dear man” not be fy annwyl ddyn? To make it more personal though, could you say “Diolch am iaith y nefoedd fy annwyl ddyn”?

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Morning @Liz-Price, I’m deeply sorry for your loss. :heart:

I can absolutely be of assistance with this, but what would help me greatly would be if you could give me the English version of what you would like to say? It’s important we get it right for you so that the real meaning and emotion of what you want to say are conveyed clearly in the Welsh. Feel free to send me a private message. x

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Thank you @CatrinLliarJones, that is so kind. :slightly_smiling_face: