Could somebody check this little bit of Welsh please?

Hi there,

I’m currently proof-reading my second novel, ‘Learning to Fly Alien Spacecraft’, before I self-publish it this summer.

One of the main characters is from Brecon and every so often he comes out with some Welsh. I’d be eternally grateful if someone could reassure me that I’ve written the following correctly, before I send the file off for typesetting.

Ti’n iawn?

O, mae hi ’di mynd eto yn barod…

Iechyd da, met.

Prynhawn da, cariad. Sut rwyt ti, heddiw?

Thank you!

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The one correction I’d make is that you need an accent on met - it should be mêt

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Thanks very much Siaron, that’s great.
I knew it was worth asking!

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Might just be me, but I’d be more used to hearing “Sut wyt ti” (not rwyt).


Actually, now Sara mentions it, someone from Brecon would probably more likely use the S.Welsh shwt rather than the standard/Northern sut - "shwt wyt ti, heddiw?


Thanks for the feedback! Full disclosure: this one sentence is actually said by someone from Chubut province, Patagonia. Any thoughts on what they might say? North/South/something different? Although he is talking to Joe’s Mum in Brecon, so maybe he adapts for her…
I didn’t mention it before because I don’t want to be confusing.

Just one thought - more of a question than an answer, I’m afraid - if he’s talking to someone a generation “above” him then, depending on their relationship, might he use chi rather than ti forms? (Again, that may vary with region and age of the speaker: I remember noticing even the naughty kids on Rownd a Rownd addressing their parents as chi, but I suspect that may shift once the children are themselves adults.)

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No worries, Richard, they’re definitely all “ti” relationships. A good thought, though, thanks!

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Might be wrong but, I have lots of Welsh speaking friends here in south Wales, we meet and chat several times a week and i don’t think i ever hear ‘di’ for '‘wedi’. Isn’t this gogleddol?
I might be wrong but i hear ‘wedi’ every time.
I agree with other comments and suggestions

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Thanks, Paul, I’ll bear it in mind. Although actually, the person who says this to Joe is from the north, so I think it’s OK either way!