Correct use of moyn, eisiau

Why do the lessons use the word “Moyn” for, to want, all of my Welsh relatives, Cardiff/Bridgend Welsh first language use “eisiau” not “moyn” I can’t find any explanation as to why. Thanks

“moyn” is a way to say “want” that’s more common in the South, so the southern course uses “moyn”, and “eisiau” is the more common word for “want” in the North, so the northern course uses “eisiau” BUT, as you’ve noted, this North/South divide is not clear-cut, and there are people in the South who will use “eisiau” for “want” too.

edited to add - when people use “moyn” for “want”, they will use “eisiau” for “need” (those who use “eisiau” for “want” will use “angen” for “need”), and in translation there is sometimes overlap between “want” and “need”, so just something to be aware of.

Perfect thank you for the fast response, the first time someone has explained it fully!


Except for those of us who are moyn/angen! :slight_smile:

Thank you They actually use eisiau for want and need, angen is a new one. Still learning, might take a few years but will get there in the end.


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There’s always one! :rofl: