Coronavirus - free digital book for young children

For those of you who have primary school age children a free digital book has just been made available online by Nosy Crow. Here’s the link:
This is what Kate Wilson, of Nosy Crow says about iit
*“We were very aware that many parents and carers are struggling to explain the current extraordinary situation to children, many of whom are frightened and confused. We thought that the best thing we could do would be to use our skills to produce a free book to explain and, where possible, reassure children. We asked Axel, whose work is so familiar and so loved, to illustrate it. He was happy to do it, and did it extraordinarily quickly. Meanwhile, having heard Professor Medley interviewed by the BBC, we looked him up and wrote to him, and despite his huge workload, he reviewed the book over a weekend, and we were able to incorporate his suggestions, together with those of two head teachers and a child psychologist, into the final version of the book. We hope it helps answer difficult questions in difficult times.”

Thanks John. I’ve downloaded the book and will ask my son and daughter to check it out before using it with my grandchildren. It looks very good to me.

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