Cornish Speakers/Learners in St Ives?

Hi. I’m currently loving learning Kernewek on SSiC. I’ll be holidaying in St Ives in June 2020 and was wondering if there are any speakers and/or learners of Cornish there who’d like to meet up for a chat?
I’m also learning Welsh Level Three with SSiW. Good times! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe there is a Yeth an Werin (informal meeting in a pub to chat at all levels) in st ives once a month, maybe have a look at the kowethas an yeth Kernewek website they have a section on yeth an werin’s

Hi Lin,

Here’s the current list of Yeth an Werin groups in Cornwall and beyond. As you’ll see, the one in St Ives is every third Tuesday of the month at 8 pm in the Cornish Arms pub. There’s an email address to contact for more details — good idea to check with the group beforehand that it’ll definitely be on at the scheduled time and place that month.

Even if you won’t be there on the day the Yeth is held, it’d be well worth contacting the group’s email address and asking if any of them might be available to meet up another time while you’re there, just for a chat. All the Cornish speakers I’ve ever met are always happy to help a learner in any way they can! :wink: