Cornish level 2 is here!

Why didn’t anyone let us know?? I am just about over the moon here — it’s something like four years since I completed Level 1 and I’ve been waiting and hoping for more levels ever since…

I haven’t yet tried it, but MEUR RAS BRAS (a big thank you) to everyone who’s been involved in making this happen!! Kernewek bys vykken!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I had been given a heads up on this from one of the teachers at my local class, as her husband was helping with it. But I did not say anything because there have been so many false promises before.

I’m in a zoom class for Cornish now. But I’m finding it quite challenging, so I won’t be starting this course for a while.

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I’m slightly restricted here because for some strange reason the site won’t let me navigate to the new material! But delighted we’ve finally managed to publish a few more lessons, and hope to be able to keep the wheels rolling… :slight_smile: