Cornish language communities online?

A question for the other Cornish learners here. Besides this forum, do you know of any other places on the web where people are talking in/about the language?

I’m a long way from Cornwall, so I’m limited what’s online. I knew going in to the language that finding other speakers would be difficult, but it’s still worth trying :slight_smile:

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Yn termyn eus passyyz, yth ezen ni ow keskewsel omma :

Mes dell hevel nynz eus marnaz spamm dhe voz gwelyz y´n dydhyow-ma :frowning:

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I’d be interested to know, too!

It’s a pity Cornwall24 has gone- that was a good one for such things. Discussion on all things Cornish, in English and Cornish. I did try to join to enter some conversations with some - interesting :blush: - views on Welsh, including someone having quite an extensive go at SSiW for teaching “licio”, which “he hadn’t heard of and didn’t appear in any of his dictionaries”, (from someone who must have [A] had a poor collection of dictionaries, [‘leicio’ is even in that strange fish, the Geiriadur Mawr] and [B] talked to very few Welsh speakers :blush:), But I couldn’t get on it. But he seemed to have some strange views about Welsh anyway, so knowing me its probably best I didn’t! :smile: ) *

Very good site though, pity it’s gone.

Same thing about ForumWales though- a really useful site, people talking in and about Welsh, most of them people who knew a lot about the language. Really useful to read the differing opinions. That disappeared too.

Maybe it’s simply that such things aren’t as needed with the increase in Facebook and Twitter and other Social media. There’s a lot of that going on in and about Welsh (just naturally, between Welsh speakers), and a lot of groups set up there. Maybe that’s where Cornish has gone to live?

[ Just to make it clear, as some people seem to regard this as some strange ‘battle’ between “lico” and “hoffi”, both words are used perfectly naturally by native Welsh speakers. ‘Hoffi’ tends to be used in literature rather than “lico”, but this does not mean, as with many other such things, that “hoffi” is not used naturally in speech. To not use it in speech it because it is used in literature as well as in speech is - well, illogical. :blush:]

[edit- comment posted before I saw Howlsedhes Services’ post!]

Don´t talk to the Cornish about language wars!

I don´t do FB or Twitter, and don´t really want to, but you´re probably right, that´s where the kids have all gone.

There were in fact several Yahoo groups and probably Cornwall24 as well (lost a lot of links when I had a computer crash a while back). Is Cornwall24 definitely defunct, is there an archive anywhere?

I used to be able to find weird old links (to Cornwall24), now I can’t get anything except a “this page does not exist” message. I’m by no means particularly computer savvy, though.

I´ve dug up an old ID I used on Yahoo Groups, with several Cornish related groups, but AFAICS they´re all dead in the water, with either nothing or just spam for the past few years.

That’s a shame. Thanks for trying!

I´ve found a Yahoo Group that I set up years ago which is unused. I could open it up (if only I could figure out their present interface!) but I can´t really see the point since we could ask for a Cornish section here, if there isn´t one already.

Pe gemmyz Kerneweg eus dhywgh, Owain?

No C24 is still up and running. whether there´s anything useful there I´m not sure. Go look for yourself :

Absolutely none on a speaking/writing level, unfortunately! I have a passing interest in it, but my knowledge of it is of individual words and random individual points of grammar (through my interest in the development of Welsh) rather than any skill in putting those things together! :disappointed:

I keep meaning to restart doing SSiC, which would be very very useful from that point of view, but for a while now it’s always been tomorrow…

Tourist : What is the Cornish equivalent of ¨mañana¨ ?

Local : We have no need to express such a frantic degree of urgency!



Now with those two links, the first sends me to some web server called “parallels Plesk”, which says there is no website at that address, and the second one sends me to the normal “website not found” message. Maybe something to do with my computer web/browser if you can get through?

Odd! They work just fine for me. I get the old familiar interface, just that nothing much seems to have been posted recently. Maybe you´ve run into some kind of restriction on your internet connection. Weird! Ass yw henna koynt!

Meur ras! I’ll look into it.

Yn gwiryonedh, nynz eus meur dhe voz gwelyz ena.

I ddeud y gwir, does dim mwy i weld yno.

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I don’t do Facebook or Twitter either, but I’d love to join in a Cornish language forum/community/group online if there is one that is actually active. Or if we could have a dedicated Cornish section here, as Howlsedhes Services suggested… :slight_smile:

Dreckly? :wink:

Meur ras :slight_smile: Thank you for the replies

It’s a shame there’s not really much out there. This forum seems to be the only one with actual people still on it (at least there’s one :slight_smile: ). I’ve searched on Facebook before, and found a few groups, though I’ve yet to have a join request accepted.

I’m also getting a default server page. Perhaps your browser has cached the old site/IP address, and that’s why you can still see it.

Yes, there’s a lot going on on FaceBook these days. Groups I can recommend are:

“I pledge to become more fluent in Cornish”

as well as my own group aimed to support those learning through my Cornish audio course:
“Desky Kernôwek Bew”

If you don’t really want to do Facebook you can still join without giving away your real name, just for the sake of conversation groups you are interested in and join those.


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That´s odd because I´m getting a live C24 board with today´s date displayed on the page. It´s a live dead (or dormant) board though. If you´re not getting it there must be something wrong with your internet connection, which could be blocking other more important sites too, so probably worth looking into.

I’m getting a live “Cornwall 24” board when I click on both links too. It’s not exactly active, but it can’t be completely dead either, as there’s at least one post as recent as 18 August this year (among other sections that had their most recent posts up to 6 years ago)…