Cornish Language Classes in Bristol restart 15th September

Hello lovely people - the Cornish class in Bristol is continuing (yay!), we restart on Saturday 15th September, from 10am - 12pm at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6AW - small car park and usually loads of on street parking, and is also a short walk from Stapleton Road train station if using public transport. The centre is also right next to the Bristol to Bath cycle path.

Classes run EVERY FORTNIGHT, to make it easier for people outside of Bristol to get here, but also so that our teachers, Gary Angove and Peter Green will continue to come down from Gloucester to teach us. To be honest though, the breakfasts at Easton Community Centre are so good, they don’t need much persuasion.

Classes are pretty chilled and organised around whoever turns up - some of us are progressing to Grade 2 level, but having two teachers means that beginners and the simply curious are easily catered for.

Agas gweles ena? See you there?


Lovely to hear, Ella. Wish I could join you! (I’m just about to start KDL second grade.) Best wishes to everyone in the class. :smile:

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Dydh da Courtenay, ha meur ras bras! Chons da gans Gradh dew, ha dha weles yn skon, martesen…

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Yth esov yn Truru lemmyn rag an solempnita piwasow apposyansow a-vorow! :grinning:

dar… yth esov vy yn Bristol rag an kynsa klass omma an seythen ma…

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