Conversations in Welsh

I am nearing the end of the 6 month SSIW course. One of the extra things is to have long conversations with someone in Welsh.

I have two problems with this.

Firstly, I never really have hour long conversations with people in English. I must be a miserable so and so.

Secondly, I don’t know any Welsh speakers to have the conversations with, even if I could string it out for an hour.

I’m thinking this is a bloke thing but maybe it’s just me.

I’ll race onto the finish line in a couple of weeks’ time and keep looking for someone. (I moved to South Wales 2 years ago and not many around here speak Welsh).


Hi @ken, Have you signed up for Welsh Speaking Practice on Slack? That’s where a lot of us find speaking partners. You can join simply by sending an email to "" with “WSP” in the title.

Like you, I would once never have thought to be able to have conversations in Welsh lasting an hour - now I have had many. It does help of course to find people with whom one has a spark in common.

If you’d like an introductory ‘sgwrs’ - whether on Slack or Skype - I’d be very happy to chat with you. Whether it’s an hour, 15 or 30 minutes first off, the important thing is to make a start and build from there.


Thank you Alan.

I do not know if I have signed up or not. I have just emailed the address you mentioned and hopefully I will be up and running shortly.

Once I am can I gratefully accept your chat invite.
I’m usually very good at computers and stuff but Slack has me flumoxed.


Hi, Ken - Just a suggestion.
How about a trip down to the Ty Tawe Welsh centre in Swansea on a Saturday morning? I don’t know if you’ve been, but it’s open for a reasonably priced coffee and an informal chat between 10:00 and 12:00. Also there’s a book/craft shop there, so there’s plenty of variety and no time commitment if you get my drift.

Sorry. Just to clarify -
That should be “any time between 10:00 and 12:00.” So it’s café style, come and go, not structured.



You must be a mind reader. I was thinking of doing that Saturday. I also have a meet up with some other learners on Monday so things are coming together.

I will however try and use slack for times when I can’t meet up with others face to face

Thank you