Conversation Partner in American West

I’m in Idaho and am having trouble finding a conversation partner. Is there anyone on Pacific or Mountain time who would be willing to have a Skype conversation with me every week or so?

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If no one here jumps in, perhaps @Deborah-SSi can put this in the weekly email and find someone for you :slight_smile:

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Can @Sionned help?

Will is already on the map, so that’s the main thing I can do. I don’t personally know any of the others out west there, and I’m another time zone east of there. I might be interested if you can’t find anyone else.

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So sorry! I had Seattle n my head as your home!

I’m in central Washington and might be able to manage. If I can get one of my kids to show me how to skype. :slight_smile:

That would be wonderful, Joel. My email is . If you are able to swing it, just send me an email and we can try to work out a schedule. Diolch!