Conversation group in Caernarfon

Bethan Glyn, a tutor at Bangor Uni, has been running a conversation group for learners in Caernarfon for the past few months. It’s a really friendly group and Bethan is happy for others to join in. There are a couple already who’ve done SSiW but people from other classes as well.

The group meets between 11am and 12 noon every other Saturday at the Palas Print bookshop in Caernarfon. The meetings on the 2nd Sat are for anyone from beginners upwards, whereas the meetings on the 4th Sat of the month are aimed more at those more fluent speakers.

Palas Print is a lovely venue with really helpful staff delighted to welcome Welsh learners, stocks both English and Welsh language titles, and has a cafe at the back of the shop where they chat over a panad.

Bethan has given her email address and I can pass that on in a PM to anyone who’s interested.

The next sessions are 23 April (Clwb Trafod - dysgwyr rhugl) & 14 May (Panad a sgwrs - all levels).


Does anyone know if this group is still going ? I would quite like to attend this coming Saturday if possible

I’ve looked back in my email but can’t find Bethan’s details. Your best bet would be to ring Palas Print. It’s not a huge place, so I’m sure they would know if there was anything for learners this Saturday.


Diolch @Deborah-SSi I will do that

Hi Sam, have just messaged you. The group is still going, is v busy, and if you nip into PP on Sat you’ll definitely see us! I’m working away atm, so sometimes it can take a day or so before I can reply to messages. Cheers, Stine