Connecting with an older Welsh speaker

Honey is a Welsh learner who lives in Nantlle. Every week she has a phone conversation in Welsh with an 86-year-old woman who lives in Llanfrothen. They have never met, but they benefit mutually from the Welsh conversation.

Age Cymru has a programme to connect volunteers to people who are socially isolated, and Honey is keen to set up something similar connecting Welsh learners with elderly Welsh speakers. The learner would benefit from practising their Welsh and the older person would benefit from a sense of being useful and enjoying a chat with someone, especially if they can’t leave their home over the winter.

Honey is looking for volunteers interested in helping to get the programme off the ground, or to participate when it’s up and running.

If you’d like to contact her, you can email her - hannib [AT]

or leave a message for her here. I’ve sent her the link to this thread :slight_smile:


The email address is not valid would like to join this but not sure how? I live in Pembrokeshire. Thanks Maggie

@margaret-mcmullen did you adjust the email address? Put hannib at the beginning then the @ sign, then I posted it like that for security, but it should be fine if you put it back together and put that in an email.

This is a great idea. I recall something similar is done in Iceland (think it involves visiting old people’s home). That said, isn’t it reasonable (and most efficient) to expect Age Cymru to incorporate a language element into their programme?

An excellent initiative. I hope it is successful.