Hi Dee,

Thanks for clarifying. I think the main thing is for those who have done the southern course that there hasn’t been some horrible misunderstanding :smile:

There have been other things like the conditional endings which are difficult to match up to a book ond fel na ma yn de fe?!

Rich :slight_smile:

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Well it is of course possible that this is a S dialect variation - I can see how nag might have been generalised to include (and displace) nad - languages do do this, after all, and there isn’t a wild difference in how they sound, is there? Very S if so, I sense - but that’s OK of course.

I’d better have a little listen to Pobol y Cwm myself and see if I can hear them using it, hadn’t I?


Hello Rich. May I ask where your screenshots are from because the course notes are different from the ones I have? I have the android app where there are no course notes so I view them on my laptop.

Hello @helen-gwyn-jones
On my laptop I see the challenges like this. There is a link to click to show the vocabulary.

Hi Helen,

They are from the iPhone app…they are also from the southern course which would be different from the Northern version…I’m not sure which course you are doing and whether either of these things accounts for the difference. :roll_eyes:

I have never compared what’s on my phone with what’s available via a browser - I would expect the content to be the same! ( even if it’s presented differently) but I might have a quick look later to check. :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:

Thanks Anna - that is what I currently do. I’ve now seen that the vocab is available on the IOS app but not on the android one which is where Rich gets it. However, I’m perplexed that the content is different!

Thanks Rich. Shame that the vocab isn’t available on the Android app too. I am doing the Southern course so that’s not the difference - I just noticed the odd grammar point on your screenshots which I hadn’t seen and could do with knowing! Wondered if they’d been updated since I downloaded them but that’s not the case. Should I ask @aran?

…possibly @Deborah-SSi - as I think I have seen the odd post from her in relation to changing the notes.

Dee, do you know if there is (supposed to be) a difference between the course notes in the iOS App and the browser?

Rich :slight_smile:

I had never noticed (like @rich) , but I happen to have here the iOS app an the file with the vocabulary list copied from the website and it’s true in the first challenges, some of the examples are different.

(They seem identical in later challenges, though)

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They were developed separately I believe. I think Aran did the original web version, then when Lewie developed the iOS app, he just put examples in that he thought useful. Someone at some stage commented on how useful they were, so I copied a lot of them into the website Vocab Lists.


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Thanks, Dee, for clearing up the mystery at least. Luckily my partner has an ipad and I’ve just had a look and can access the alternative vocab lists that way.

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