Confusion over 'homework'

So…I’ve just completed challenge 13 and received week 15 containing challenge 14 (this in itself is confusing enough!). For challenge 14 the ‘homework’ is to ‘listen once to the full set of practice sentences you recorded’ on either Clyp or Soundcloud. I thought it was only one sentence that we had to record to Sound Cloud…not a whole load? I did one! Anyway, I haven’t done any more and probably never will now. I’ve worked through the 12 sentences we had from challenge 13, but only on paper and in my head. When I signed up for this course, I fully expected it to be 6 minutes a day, but it actually takes up far more of my time and I just get really stressed out if I have to deal with Sound Cloud as well. It’d be good if there were short Zoom meetings with just people who were all on the same week? That would be way more useful. I have to be honest, I avoid Sound Cloud as much as I avoid coming into contact with Covid 19. Feel so much better for getting that off my chest!

I have reached week 15 and am also having problems with Clyp. When I logged into Clyp all my recordings have disappeared, so I cannot listen to the sentences which I recorded. I also have some sympathy with the comment about “6 minutes a day”. With all the listening exercises and sentences, it clearly requires more than 6 minutes even for someone like me with a prior knowledge of Welsh.

The recording tasks are an optional extra - they will help you enormously if you do them, but you can do them any time, you don’t have to do them as soon as they arrive.

People naturally work at different paces, and some will find 6 minutes a day too easy, and some will find it too hard - the thing to remember is that it’s not a race, and you don’t have to keep up with everyone else. You can always ask for a pause in the emails if you feel they are coming too fast which will give you a chance to catch up with yourself. It’s impossible to make a “one size fits all” course, so although the name of it is “6 minutes a day”, it’s actually far more flexible and can be less or more than that depending on the individual.

As part of the course, you can join the zoom meetings in the Slack 6/6 group where you can talk to the tutors and to others at the same level as you. Yes, it’s another techy thing to get the hang of, but it’s really worth it, especially if you have no-one else to speak Welsh out loud to.

Catrin has just posted the thread linked to below which will hopefully help with the recording aspects. Although Soundcloud was initially good for this, it’s been tweaked (by Soundcloud, not by SSiW!) which has caused problems, so SSiW has been looking at other options. But as I said, these recording tasks, though useful in your learning, can be left out if they cause too many problems for you.

So keep at it - but at a pace that suits you. Not everyone runs a marathon at a 6-minute-a-mile speed, and not everyone works through the course at 6-minutes-a-day! Keep it fun and manageable, and you’ll get there - and this forum is always here to help! :slight_smile:


Hi David

Thank you for taking pity on me and replying! I started the course during lockdown and, of course, had all the time in the world then. Now that I’m back to some sort of normality, I’m finding it much harder to fit in the time and I think, when I had my rant, that it just felt so overwhelming having to find time to fiddle about with Sound Cloud, or Clyp. Just not really understanding whether or not I should be using Sound Cloud or Clyp was also challenging, let alone recording something on either or them! But thanks to you and Sian for replying, I’m feeling calmer and, as Sian advised, will just potter along as best I can, able, perhaps, to do more some weeks than others. Who knows? Some day we might even be able to put down our thoughts on here in Welsh!!!

Thank you Siaron - sorry, when I replied to David, I called you Sian - forgive me! It was so kind of you to take the time to give me such a patient and detailed reply and I really do appreciate it. As I said to David, I think it all just got a bit much for me. I feel much better knowing that now I can take it slower and that I don’t have to rush to do the recordings - can just do it when I have time. I just assumed it had to be done that week, so thank you. Although I downloaded Slack at the beginning of the course, I confess that I’ve done nothing with it. When, or if, I have time, I’ll try and have another look at it. If there are talking sessions with people at the same level as myself (next to useless!!) then that would be helpful.

It’s lovely to be able to have a rant on the Forum and then to have such sympathetic responses from people who’ve been there and can give such positive encouragement. Thank you.

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