Confused when to use Mae or Dyw

I’ve come across Mae and Dwy starting sentences - such as Mae fy mam i’n moyn and Dyw fy nhad i’n moyn. What is the difference between them and does it matter shich you use when?

Hi Kate,

Mae is used to start affirmative sentences:

Mae hi’n hapus - She is happy

Dyw / Dydy is to start negative sentences:

Dyw hi ddim yn hapus - She is not happy

Note that in your example:

Dyw fy nhad i’n moyn

You’ve missed out the “ddim” (“not”) from the sentence:

Dyw fy nhad ddim yn moyn… - My father does not want…

The many forms of Bod (to be) can be quite confusing at first, but stick with it.

(“The Many Forms of Bod” would be a great name for a folk music album, now I think of it…)


Ohhhhh,I get it! That makes it much easier, thanks! :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

You might want to re-read what I wrote, as I made a couple of corrections shortly after writing it.

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I was wondering the same thing, didn’t think it would be so simple! A bit annoyed that I didn’t spot it though.
Thanks for the clear explanation