Confused by 'wnei'

In level 3, challenge 8 ‘wnei’ is introduced as in ‘os na wnei di’ (if you don’t make it). Can someone explain this one and any related forms, for example ‘if she doesn’t make it’ etc? Thanks.

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wnei is a future form of gwneud.

Related forms would be:
Os na wnaf I (If I don’t…)
Os na wnaiff/wneith hi/fe/fo (If she/he doesn’t…) - wnaiff and wneith mean the same, just different preference/dialect - it doesn’t depend on the masculine or feminine.
Os na wnan ni (If we don’t…)
Os na wnewch chi (If you don’t…) - plural or polite ‘you’
Os na wnân nhw (If they don’t…)


Ok so there a few things going on here:

This is gwneud - to do/ to make - with a future ending…so a future sense of something being done …

When English makes reference to something in the future it is often happy to use the present tense eg if you do not…Welsh prefers to use the future in these situations…

The na is generally an alternative to using ddim but with os - if - there is a preference for the na form.

Endings:( some people don’t use w so stem is even shorter. )

(W)na i
(W)nei di
(W)neith or wneiff hi/ e/ o
Nawn ni
Newch chi
Nân nhw

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