Confused by this forum

I’m a bit confused as to how these threads work. The oldest message always appears at the top of a thread. Is there a way to resort the messages.



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I am having the same problem as you Andrew and that is why I don’t go on the forum very often as I just get confused.

All the best

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What exactly do you find confusing?
I don’t know if it’s possible to sort messages in a different way.
But when you click on a thread you’ve previously visited, visualization starts from the last post you’ve seen, then you can go fast up or down by dragging the cursor on the right (faster than standard scrolling).

I am confused by the forum too. I amusing an old ipad. Are you practicing speaking with someone.

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There isn’t a way to make the newest message appear at the top of a thread, and although the slider gets you to the newest thread, it can be a nuisance doing it this way on some of the really long threads, but as Gisella said, once you have been to the bottom of a thread, next time you look at it it will open where you left off.

What else is confusing? If we can help you find things and get the hang of it, we will, but as with most IT stuff, the more you use it, the more familiar and less confusing it becomes (says me who still dreads working in Excel :wink: )

I do spend ages looking but I’m never really sure what thread I need so open up lots which are not relevant. Perhaps you could tell me a simple way to find someone who can practice with me on the telephone. My son who learnt through SSIW would help but I haven’t seen him long enough because of Covid. I also have a Wesh speaking friend but she needs to be extra careful and prefers to wear a mask. I do have fun with my small grandson as he has just started Welsh school and we cheer when we say a word we both understand. All of this sounds hilarious as I write it and I am really enjoying the course anyway. Thank you.

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There is a way to search - click the magnifying glass in the top banner and that will help find threads that might be relevant that may already answer your question, or that you can add to.

We do have a very simple way of finding others to practise with - it’s our WSP (Welsh Speaking Practise) group on Slack (ok, yet more tech to get your head around, but it’s worth it). There are speakers of all levels from all over the world and it’s very friendly and supportive. You can arrange chats (individual or group) through it. :slight_smile: If you want to join, ask for an invite from
If you prefer the telephone, there are quite a few threads by people looking for speaking partners (put “speaking partners” in the search to find them quickly) so you could ask there too (but please don’t post your phone number there as these threads can be seem publicly, always swap things like phone numbers and personal email addresses in a private message.)

Thank you I will have a look later. I can use Excel and Word. It’s like all computer skills once you actually know what to do, it is so easy, especially if someone is beside you showing you what is needed. It’s just getting started that’s a problem. I will keep at it. Thanks

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I have spent a long time on the Forum and Slack. I am more confused. If everyone else finds it easy it must be me so I will now go back to my Welsh which I think is slightly better than my IT skills with my IPad. I did think I found a couple of people in similar situations but then realised they posted along time ago which won’t be appropriate. Thanks


My main issue is the threads with hundreds of messages. Can I sort them so that the latest
message is on the top?

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No, I don’t think that’s possible. I will tag @Kinetic though, just in case he knows a way.

Hello Cathy, I am not speaking to anyone at the moment. I know that I have come to the point when I need to be in a group of Welsh speakers, but owing to the restrictions our group hasn’t had the chance to meet up again yet. I am not very good at starting a conversation and when I tried to put together the 15 sentences I couldn’t think of anything to say in English much less in Welsh. If I spoke to my couple of Welsh speaking friends on the telephone I am afraid it would be a very stilted conversation.
Never mind hopefully we will be back together before our St. Davids day dinner.
All the best

Would you like to try just one practice session on the telephone.

There is one little way that you can short cut the system: If you look down (or scroll down) to the bottom right corner of the screen - there is a grey message saying “x days/minutes ago” or a recent date, or something similar. Anyway, if you click or push on that it should jump to the latest comment.

Hi Cathy, have a look at the following thread to see if it helps.

Yeah, I’m overwhelmed by the thousands of messages going back years