Confused by "it"

On level 1 challenge 20 … and am v confused by what the Welsh is for “it” is… am guessing there’s more than one !!

Yes, you’re guessing correctly!

If you can give me a timecode and say whether you’re doing the southern or northern version, I’ll check it out for you, but generally, if the ‘it’ is a feminine noun it’ll be hi, if it’s a masculine noun it’ll be either fe/e (southern) or fo/o (northern).

And if it’s an abstract or dummy ‘it’, it will be hi.


Thanks that bit is falling into place now !
But in I enjoyed it it seems to be something different again ? Like ‘e’

If it’s ‘e’, then the ‘it’ is a masculine thing and you’re doing the Southern course. (The Northern course would say ‘o’ for a masculine ‘it’)