Confused about the structure of the course

Noswaith dda! I have just started on the Northern Welsh course and I’ve been really enjoying it! However I’m slightly confused about the structure of the course…

I’ve done challenge 01 and the intro for the “new” Northern Welsh course, and I was under the assumption that you continue through the “challenges” until you move onto the next level.

I clicked the challenge 02 and saw that I needed to pay for the next challenges (through the subscription, I assume) and so I went onto the forum and SSiW main page, to see what the subscription gives me. But on the forum, everyone is talking about some 6 minute course, another 6 month course, something about emails, and now some AI tutor!! As a result, I’ve been left very confused about the structure.

If someone could elucidate me as to what’s going on, I will be immensely grateful.


@archie-1 the learning is based on the material presented in the Challenges. Until now there have been 3 different ways of using them - 1) independently, 2) at a rate of 2 Challenges per week with extra tasks given in emails (6 Months course), 3) at a rate of 1 Challenge per week with emails (6 Minutes a Day course)

Recently, a new methodology has been created - AutoMagic. This gives you the same material but in a constant stream so you can just do as much as you like, then continue from that point the next time. It also gives you the flexibility of choosing whether you want to learn more slowly with more repetitions, or move more quickly through the material.

These are all available for the same standard subscription, and you can choose the method that suits you best.