Completing sessions

I have repeated lesson 1 a dozen times but would not say I have completed it. (Mastered it) I want to try lesson 2 without cutting myself off from lesson 1 before I die of boredom.
John Gunn
P.S. I have just signed up for my fifth first year class. I find it very heavy going which is why I am using this course to give me a better start.

My advice would be to crack on with lesson 2. Remember that you are aiming for 80% or thereabouts. I find the momentum often carries me into the next lesson. I have struggled with one or two lessons and got stuck. Good luck!!

I agree completely with Andy’s advice. Also remember that the material from each lesson will get revised down the line, so it isn’t like this is your one and only chance to learn it. It’s much better to push on than to get bored.

Hi John - you’d be much better off not repeating lessons - just press on, and give the interval learning a chance to work. If you want to go back and test yourself again - say after you’ve got to Lesson 5 - you’ll find that Lesson 1 has magically become easy in the meantime.

Perfection is the enemy of language acquisition…:smile:

I have to agree with Aran here - perfect is often the enemy of good. If you don’t manage to get at least three quarters of it right first time, then by all means go back the next day; by that point it’ll have had chance to sink in. It shouldn’t take more than two or three times per lesson to hit around three quarters right (maybe as many as four for each of the lessons six, if you’re doing the old course, but that’s because even Aran admits they’re not the best designed lessons in the course). Everything in lesson 1 is in every other lesson. Lesson 2 will give you lots more practice with the lesson 1 content. Please. Trust us in this. You don’t have to be perfect. You only need to be good enough. After a while, the stuff that’s right will just come naturally and will be what sounds right.

Incidentally, a class alone can’t teach a language. A couple of hours a week just won’t cut it. I’m willing to bet that you’ll find the content from these lessons will stick far better and far quicker than anything you learn in a classroom. Within a couple of months, you’ll be wondering why anyone has trouble with mutations - that I promise you.