Completed level 3

Some time ago I worked through levels 1 and 2 with the SSiW 6 mth course. It was suggested that I signed up to the “Deep End” i.e. Level 3, but I declined, saying I would do it on my own. Haha! I failed to factor in little things like motivation, distractions, time limits etc. I struggled through it on my own, but I was frustrated, disappointed and my Welsh had improved very little. But doing it the SSiW way this time, my sense of achievement is through the roof, I’m much more relaxed and confident using and listening to Welsh and I enjoyed it so much more. The ‘Moral Of This Story’ is to stick with the wonderful SSiW tried and tested system. IT WORKS!!! Diolch yn fawr iawn Aran, Catrin a phawb yn SSiW.:smiley:


@andreaeynon I’m really interested to read this Andrea as I’m considering the Deep end now after level 1 and 2. Did you do Level 3 first? Is deep end very concentated -e.g how many hours a week did you spend? Also I’m trying to join in chats more but struggle to remember tenses and use Dw i’n far more than I’d like.

Thought deep end came after level 3 but perhaps Level 3 is the Deep end😳-confused

As I understand it, Deep End is pretty much level 3 but with the extra structure. This thread might help 'Jump In The Deep End' Course

Hi Christine, Well done on completing Levels 1 and 2. The Deep End lasts for 3 months and uses 2 of the level 3 Challenges each week as well as Speaking and Listening targets and several other interesting ideas which can last from 10 minutes to an hour or as long as you can manage. You know SSiW - there’s always plenty of help available when you want it including a specific Deep End channel on Slack. Good luck with your Welsh whatever you decide to do.:grinning:

Diolch @andreaeynon @siaronjames I am still subscribed so will try and find out how to opt in for the email challenges for Level 3

It was so easy after I read the end of my email from last challenge of Level 2 properly. And there was a link, so I’ve signed up for better or worse :flushed::grimacing:


Congratulations @andreaeynon. Are you on WSP?

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I wasn’t but I am now. (When I can find time!) Thank you.

This is interesting. I recently (some weeks back time flies!) completed Levels 1 and 2 and asked what was best to do next. Options were (a) Go Deep End with 2 Challenges of Level 3 a week (b) Do Level 3 at my own pace or (3) Do the Old Course to get more vocabulary. Has anyone else been advised of these options.


Those are the different options that people tend to take after Level 2. Some people are keen to get straight into Level 3 (either independently or with the Deep End emails to encourage them along) and others want to spend some time reinforcing what they’ve done first.

The original (old) course material helps with that - giving more practice of some of the Level 1 and 2 structures, but also introducing different ways of saying things and more vocabulary.

Everything is available for the Standard £10 a month subscription, so you can experiment and see what suits you best :slight_smile:

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@trefor-williams, I had a listen to several of the Old Course Level 1 over the few days when I was waiting for Deep End email/challenges to arrive. I really enjoyed them and they helped clarify a few things I hadn’t really understood in levels 1/2 + learnt some new vocabulary. Well worth a listen. I’m going to keep doing a few of those when I’m out on my walk but everyone tackles these things differently. It’s great to have so many resources available to us.


Deborah Just to say thanks again for for your earlier advice. I have decided to look into the Old Course material before attempting Level 3.