Completed Level 3 of SSIW southern course - thanks so much!

So today marks the day that I finally completed Level 3 of the SSIW southern course. Since I started with Level 1 last August, this has been an incredibly enjoyable but also challenging journey that has stretched me to the limit and often tied my brain in knots, but I was determined to stay the course and get through all the challenges of all 3 levels.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Aran and Iestyn, the latter who almost seems like a close friend and personal Welsh teacher thanks to the time I’ve spent on the challenges. Thank you for igniting my passion for Welsh, it’s an honour to learn it and to be able to speak your language even though I’m not from Wales.

Of course, this is just one step on my journey of learning Welsh that I intend to last for the rest of my life. But SSI Welsh has given me the best possible foot in the door of this unique language.

Next step is to improve my reading, writing and listening skills by immersing myself in Welsh books, articles, tv, radio, podcasts etc as well as have regular Welsh conversations, and in doing so build up my vocabulary, grammar understanding and overall fluency.

Final point - a few months ago I decided to give the old course (southern course 1) a try out of curiosity. I completed all 25 lessons and the 10 vocab units. I found it equally useful and thought it was still really good.

So, probably against all advice here, I’ve decided that over the next few months I’m going to work through all the other SSI Welsh mp3 courses (both old and new, southern and northern). Yes I know some might say that’s massively overkill, but I figured it’ll be an amazing challenge that will give me a great overall understanding of both southern and northern Welsh. I look forward to sharing more details about how I get on with this journey soon.


Wow amazing work - congratulations @neil-kendall. :+1: :clap:

Do you have chance to get regular Speaking practice?!

Rich :sunny:

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I’ve done some speaking practice on Skype and Slack, but definitely need to do so more often. I talk/think to myself a lot in Welsh (and other languages) a lot, though :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! That’s a lot of work and a fantastic accomplishment!

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Great, Neil! :clap:

Time to plan a trip to Wales, maybe? :wink:

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Oh yeh, definitely! There’s nothing quite like using a language in its actual country with real life speakers of it, not to mention that Wales is beautiful too. The only question is deciding on which part of Wales to visit (hopefully somewhere where I’ll have a good chance to meet Welsh speakers).

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From my experience at the recent bootcamp, Caernarfon would be a pretty good base to start exploring. Plenty of pubs and shops with welsh speakers!