Comments on learning welsh


First of all I would highly commend the teaching method, or I would agree with you that it is a game where find different parts of the puzzle and gradually put them together…I am so impressed with the welsh explained and then translating into welsh and that’s the fantastic part of it when the welsh answer is repeated by the man which cements my understanding…I would compare it to welsh TV which has sub - titles and by the time you’re digesting the welsh it moves on to quick to be very useful ……I hope in the near future to be able to turn the sub - titles off…since I’ve been doing ssiw I can understand a fair bit…I’ve been through Level 1 and now well into Level 2…What I don’t do is not stress myself out at all!..If I can answer the welsh straight away fair enough or if not I’ll just listen and comprehend the welsh as another piece of the jigsaw and I will go through the course again and again and all the material
I must seriously hook up to someone soon to converse
I don’t force myself in learning but I look forward to it and try and get through about 2 or 3 challenges a day…I think you have to be in a relaxed state to progress…early days yet but I hope to accelerate…I’m looking forward to reading the comments in the forum
Its all about building blocks and enjoying the game hopefully as you say the more you know the more I,m going to enjoy it which I am really!
Well I have rambled on a bit but wanted to say what I think
Thank you for reading this if you get this far


Sounds as though you’re doing it exactly the right way, Michael - well done! You’ll get there with the conversational exchanges, when you’re ready… :slight_smile: :star: :star2: