Coming to Wales from New York in August

Two years after my previous trip to Wales, I am heading over in August and would love to connect with SSiW folk at the Eisteddfod–I’ll be there the last two days. Anyone want to meet at Maes D or elsewhere, let me know.

Also I’ll be in Swansea from 11 August to 22 August if anyone’s in the area and would like to have tea or walk around the city. Taking day trips to Pontarddulais, Bridgend, Carmarthen, and elsewhere.

I’ve been studying Cymraeg for so long but not got much live practice, so I’m looking forward to it!


Hello Violet, I live in Llanelli and if work allows, I would love to meet with you for a sgwrs and disgled. Llanelli, Carmarthen, Swansea or Bridgend would be fine. :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

And I live between Abertawe and Caerfyrddin. Given enough notice we could meet you n either place.

I strongly recommend you put some time in on before you come over - if you break the hour barrier before you get here, you’ll get SO much more out of your time here… :slight_smile:

Brilliant, Ali! I will be in touch in August. My great-grandmother visited relatives in Pontardulais in 1892 and kept a diary. She briefly describes a trip to Llanelli and the docks, so I’d love to get a look at the town.

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Margaret, so glad to meet you! I will connect in August, and we will set up a meeting. Thanks–

Thanks, Aran. I did get on Slack a couple months ago, but my two efforts there were not very satisfying. I have never had much success with speaking Welsh on phone or Skype. But maybe I’ll try again. I did manage to have two really fun conversations on my last trip to Wales, after only five months of study.

What didn’t go well with them?


What’s the longest you’ve spent speaking Welsh in one go so far?


All very different to how it would have been when your gran was here. All very different to how it was when I was a child. We used to go swimming in the docks. They don’t exist now I’m afraid but the area is still ‘water based.’
I would love to show you. I’ll try to find some pictures for you.

I found it difficult to hear clearly, which doesn’t matter much in English, but in a less familiar language, it’s troublesome. And, well, the nervousness about not speaking fluently, which makes me want to run away. But somehow in person, I feel that less, maybe because I feel more connected. At Maes D two years ago, I spoke to someone for maybe 10-15 minutes, and it was great fun. I suppose I should give Slack another go.

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Ali, that would be excellent!

That would be great. The hangout sessions are probably the least scary as there are always a good few people on each one. Also, very friendly and no problem with making mistakes or stopping half way through a sentence to say “Is that right?” or similar in English.

Tech hiccups are a pain, no way around it - but you can ALWAYS ask people to repeat themselves, and they’ll ALWAYS understand.

Maybe if you did some 5 minute only Slack swaps, to get yourself going, and to make them less threatening? And then gradually increase the time?

You can do this… :slight_smile:

And pushing through is the only way to numb the horror of ‘not being fluent yet’, I promise… :slight_smile:

Hi Violet,

Siop Tŷ Tawe in the centre of Swansea runs a drop-in coffee shop for learners each Saturday from 10:00-12:00; you’ll be very welcome to drop in there if you calendar aligns.

Also, most Friday evening there is some form of musical event at Ty Tawe; check the Menter Iaith Abertawe site for more details.

I’m a regular at Ty Tawe, and you’re welcome to message me closer to then.

Menter Iaith Castell-nedd Port Talbot also organise events in Pontardawe, just outside Swansea.

With best wishes,



Thank you, Aran and John, for the encouragement. With my trip coming up, that will give me incentive to try again with Slack. And Neil, thanks for the Swansea tips. I will definitely try to get to Siop Ty Tawe and maybe Menter Iaith as well. Will be in touch in August. Traveling is so much better when I have lots of connections!

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No need to worry too much about Violet, pawb. I’ve just chatted to her for half an hour, and when we weren’t laughing , she was telling me some quite complicated things about her Welsh roots! Have a lovely holiday, Violet, and I’m sorry you won’t be coming further north on this trip.

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Superb! That’s a gigantic step forward, Violet - a few more like that, and you’ll amaze yourself how much more you’ll get out of your trip… :star: :star2:

A diolch o galon i ti, Bronwen, for your kindness and support of other learners… :star: :star2:

Bronwen rocks! What a lovely and generous person! And I just remembered, I did speak Welsh a good bit last summer at the Cymdeithas Madog course in upstate New York. (Aran, remember your endorsement, which cost you a parking ticket?) Anyway, It was gratifying to finally have a successful conversation via digital media after all. Thanks to this community for all the encouragement.

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