Coming to the end of Level 2


I’m coming to the end of Level 2 on the 6 minutes a day subscription scheme. I’m a couple of weeks behind because of Christmas but I aim to catch up over the next few weeks, however I’m just wondering what’s next. I want to continue my subscription as I don’t want to lose access to the challenges I’ve already done and hopefully will push on at some point to whatever Level 3 might hold although I don’t think I’m quite ready to go there yet. Do my 6 minutes a day emails end with the end of Level 2 or will they carry on regardless to Level 3? Also, this might be a silly question but presumably my subscription will carry on too unless I end it myself?

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I’m sure someone who has done the course or one of the tutors will be able to confirm, but I think the 6 minute a day emails stop at the end of level 2 and that your subscription will only stop when you end it. This means you have access to level 3 and after that, the advanced listening material (and also the old course, which many find more valuable to do after level 3).

Although the emails stop, remember we are still here for you on the forum for any help you may need, and you can still practise speaking on the Slack WSP group.

You’re doing really well to be coming to the end of the 6 minute a day course, but think of it now as the training wheels coming off and the start of the real adventure! :slight_smile:

That’s right Siaron :slight_smile: You can also ask Admin to add you to the Deep End after level 2. This will take you through Level 3 with a weekly email, just like in Level 2 :slight_smile:

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That’s handy to know! Diolch Cetra!

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Diolch Cetra and Siaron - I think I might take a breather before opting for the Deep End. I’m struggling a bit with the last few in Level 2 so may need to repeat them a few times first, but good to know I won’t be falling off a cliff into the abyss of Level 3 by myself! :grin: