Coming back to audio after break?

Hello - I’m quite new to this and so far it’s all good Except for…
I have to split the lessons into chunks, for practical reasons. Generally about 5 to 10 minutes per session. However, each time I come back, the audio has reset itself to the beginning (with the increasingly irritating song!) and I have to fiddle around to get approximately back to where I left.
Is there a way to preserve progress though the lesson? I’m sure there must be, but I can’t find it!

As I understand it, the website doesn’t allow you to ‘park’ your progress this way (limitation of websites), but the iOS App definitely does as I use it this way every day.


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If you use either of the mobile apps - iOS or Android - they both keep your place. Otherwise, the easiest way is to click the download arrow at the left of the player and save the audio as an mp3 file.

Then when you click on it, your device will use its own mp3 playing software and that usually holds your place for you.

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Hi Deborah - thanks! I use an Android device and that doesn’t keep my place though I thought it should - I’ll dig a bit further.
However, downloading the audio seems like a simple fix - many thanks for that idea which I should have thought of. Doh!

Hello David - thanks for this. See my reply to Deborah - I think I’ve found a way forward.

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I just realised… I’m on my Android tablet, but using the web site, I think!

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Sorted! Many thanks to you and David_B!!