Coleg Gwent

Hi all, one of the chaps in my evening class here in Birmingham said that Coleg Gwent have Saturday and/or weekend courses every couple of weeks. I’ve had a look on their website, but I can find nothing. Does anybody have any experience of Coleg Gwent courses?

Coleg Gwent is excellent and very supportive for the Welsh Learner. They hold classes in Abergavenny and Pontypool and other towns in South Wales on a regular basis but now the exams are over I think you would have to wait till next term. They also hold a weekend course at Llambedr University the last weekend in June. You could contact Coleg Gwent in Pontypool by phone or look them up on Facebook.

S’mae David,

I did a weekend revision course for the Mynediad exam years ago and it was excellent. The accomodation was okay too.



Shwmae David,
I think your friend may mean the occasional day schools run by Newport Community Learning. I have their 2013-2014 prospectus and it shows two day schools for the year - one was back in December but the next is on Saturday 12th July at the Newport Centre (aka the Leisure Centre). It runs from 9.15 am to 15.45 and costs just £15. I think you need to contact Newport City Council tel. 01633 656656 to book and more details should be at

Here’s their facebook page

Worth liking because they post details of upcoming events and courses. The search function on the coleg gwent website seems somewhat temperamental…

The weekend courses are great. This thread (SaySomethingin) on the old forum has details.

I did Sylfaen the first time around. I’d finished course 2 when I went. My vocab was terrible, but I was fine with all the patterns they used.

I went up to Canolradd on the next course, that was about six months later. (May have been on course 3 by then). That was fine too.

I learnt plenty of stuff both times, but I wasn’t lost at any point.

If nothing else it’s a good way to boost your confidence with the SSiW method. You will meet some people who’ve been learning Welsh for 10+ years and speak less than you…

If you do come down for a weekend then a Saturday evening SSiW get together should happen!

That’s really helpful – thank you all!

Coleg Gwent organises a lot of course in S E Wales. The head office is at the Pontypŵl site and the website contains a lot of information. If they have your email address you will also receive regular updates of events. The telephone number of the centre for adult education is 01495 333710 and you can use English if you wish.
The classes for this year have now finiushed and new ones begin in September at a number of different sites and times and levels ranging from Mynediad to Hyfedredd.
There is a weekend course in Lampeter at the begining of July and two Sunmmer Schools, one in July and one in August.
There are usually one day schools on a Saturday at various locations and approximately every two months there is a weekend school.
Contact Coleg Gwent, Pontypŵl for additional information. and to register for classes and/or courses.

I’ve heard fab things about the Gwent courses, from what I’ve seen they do a lot of two day weekend ones for a lot cheaper than Cardiff.

Inconvenient without a car unfortunately due to Sunday train schedules.