Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up

This clashes with our monthly Machynlleth meet up, so we’re moving it to Llandysul for a one-off! Weather permitting, me, @helenlindsay and @BronwenLewis should be there. Road trip!


It’s THIS SATURDAY! Who’ll be there?


Fi. Me.



Time flies!

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Well, I’m looking forward to this - perhaps embarassingly, this will be my first time that I’ve ever been to Llandysul!! I’ve driven through but never stopped, so here goes!

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Four of us from the Machynlleth group on tour!


I guess this is final reminder time!!


Mae flin 'da fi. Sa i’n gallu dod. I’m sorry, I cant come. Mae fy mab wedi torri ei goes neithiwr ac mae rhaid i fi bod nyrs gatre ac yn yr ysbyty! Michael broke his leg last night and I have to be a nurse at home as well as at work!

Well guys. That was a great success

We must have had about 12/14 people across two tables full of us.
Thanks to the Machynlleth crew for crossing the county line.

Where shall we meet next month?

Any date preferences?
Any town preferences?
Don’t want to clash with the Mach crew


How about Tregaron or should we hop between N S E W Eisteddfod-like? :smile:


Tregaron is a good shout. Any cafe/similar recommendations? Somewhere where about 10 people could sit quite comfortably together?

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I like the idea of Tregaron … primarily because I’ve never actually stopped there, just driven through a couple of times, and I’d like the challenge of trying to understand the locals who speak their own brand of Welsh, or so I’ve been told :smile:

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just driven through a couple of times, and I’d like the challenge of trying to understand the locals who speak their own brand of Welsh, or so I’ve been told :smile:

I trust you drive through with your windows up and your doors locked. :laughing:
They do have their own brogue - Tregaronish for “very good” is “ferigwt” (spoken as one syllable).

Actually I like the town very much - brilliant butcher - excellent beer and food at the pub on the square - historic associations both secular and sacred.

@Nicky I’ll make enquiries and report back early next week. I used to go to CYD meetings at a cafe which seems to have closed but there are a couple of good alternatives.

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Excellent news!

Our man on the ground!


This sounds like a LOT of fun :star: :star2: :fireworks: :cocktail:

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That’s fine then - it’s what they say around here as well :smile:

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Although I am familiar with (and like) the Cafe Hafan and Cafe Rhiannon in Tregaron as well as the excellent Talbot pub, I have just visited the Riverbank Cafe on its Southern outskirts for the first time and believe it’s the ideal choice for our purpose.

  • Plenty of tables inside and out.
  • Plenty of free parking.
  • Easy to find (turn right coming from Llanbedr just before Tregaron 30 mph sign or turn left leaving Tregaron towards Llanbedr at 30 mph sign)
  • Vegetarian and omnivore food (I didn’t check for Vegan choices) and lovely homemade cakes.
  • Farm shop on site with local products including meat produced and butchered locally.
  • Very pleasant English speaking staff, but they are conscientious about producing menus and other material bilingually.
  • They are closed Monday but open on Saturday and Sunday
  • Sunday lunches are bookeable and I’m be happy to book for other days if there is a decision to use it and I have a fairly firm idea of numbers. otherwise we can simply turn up at an agreed time.

The Tripadviser review seems good and , if you have access to Facebook (I don’t), their page is here

Edit: Google maps estimates 1 hour 5 minutes from Machynlleth and 43 minutes from Llandysul to the cafe - just to give an idea of travel times.


Good work from our man on the ground. That sounds a fine venue for such an occasion.

Following the “second Saturday” of the month thing, I would normally propose Saturday 10th February as a possible date.

Reason: Wales are playing away in England that day, so I guess anyone who is actually going to the game will have gone. Holding it in the morning won’t disturb people who just plan to watch on TV or down their local pub.

My only concern is the Machynlleth lot. As that date may collide with theirs, and they’d probably like to come to both.

@helenlindsay when is your next meeting?

I’m good with either:

Sat 10th Feb
Sat 17th Feb (my birthday, but still fine)
Sat: 24th Feb.

Are there any dates that are definitely off the market for people?


I would actually prefer that it not be the second Saturday, if that’s not a problem for others.

The reason is that there is a Welsh language walking group - Cerddwyr Cylch Teifi - that is very supportive of learners and walks once a month on the second Saturday in the general Dyffryn Teifi area. If our Meet up is on a different Saturday, e.g. the 3rd Saturday, I could go to the walking group and tell them about our meetup the following week, possibly getting an even bigger number of people along and a variety of people for us to talk to.

So, sorry about it being your birthday, but I would prefer the 17th.

Venue sounds great, by the way, @hewrop

EDIT: Also, the 10th is the weekend organised by Cymdeithas yr Iaith in Tresaith. I don’t know if anyone else is planning to go, but they will be joining in with the walking group that weekend.

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Let’s say 17th then unless we get some massive objections over next 24hrS :slight_smile:

I will make a poster this time around