Clonc-edigion Revived

A little time has passed since we last got together for a Clonc-edigion meetup, so time to get organised again.

We were talking about having a meetup in Ceinewydd, but it didn’t happen, so we’ll start with that.

The first meetup of Clonc-edigion Revived will take place on Saturday, September 28th, at The Bluebell, The Pier, S John St, New Quay SA45 9NW from 11.00.

Everyone is welcome - either for a cuppa or to stay and enjoy a meal together - and you can be a seasoned Welsh learner or someone just starting out on your journey to becoming a Welsh speaker. We’ll be glad to welcome you to the group.

The plan after this is to meet up somewhere different on the last Saturday of every month, so if you live in Ceredigion and you know of a good place to meet up, preferably with Welsh-speaking staff, let us know.

See you in Ceinewydd (New Quay)

@deborah-ssiw and @HuwJones


I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing old & new friends.

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Thanks for this Dee and Huw - I’d wanted to try coming before, but by the time I knew the date and venue, I always had something else on - now I can book it into the diary and hope I can make it!
The Sept bwtcamp will be near you on the 28th, I don’t know if there’s any plan for us to join you or not?? Maybe we’ll need to see nearer the time…

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Yes, there will be a general invitation for bwtcampers to come along afterwards. I’ll be heading there from bwtcamp myself, so maybe some will be happy to join me.

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So pleased to see that Clonc-edition is coming back. Having said that I can’t come. I have been looking after my husband but climbed up a ladder to get some plums. Unfortunately I fell out of the tree and broke my shoulder in 3 places. I stayed in Glangwili hospital for 10 days and am home now but won’t manage the meeting on Saturday. However I heard a lot of Welsh in hospital. A lot of the staff were Welsh speakers and were very encouraging. So I plan to get back to my challenges now that I feel better and hope to join you next month.
Hwyl am y tro

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Sorry for disappearing all!
Life has been hectic the last month or so.

Unfortunately when everyone meets this Saturday I will be just arriving in Amsterdam for a long weekend.

However I look forward to catching up with everyone next month!

That sounds dramatic and painful. I hope your recovery continues and look forward to meeting you at the next cloncedigion.
I hope the Cymrophone hospital environment helped to ease your discomfort. :smile:

Sorry to hear that @elizabethrowley. I hope it’s healing well for you and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Hope to see you again before too long @Nicky! I think we all lead lives that are far too busy these days!

If the windy weather persists I will be able to make it as my planned volunteering on Skokholm Island will be cancelled. Looking forward to put my first 4 months of SSIW into action.

It will be a shame if Skokholm is cancelled, but nice to meet you!

I’m looking forward to seeing/meeting as many as can make it tomorrow (Saturday) from 11 am at the Bluebell, Newquay - including any escapees from the Tresaith bootcamp :smile:

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It is definitely too windy for a boat so I will see you tomorrow.

Great to catch up with @HuwJones and lovely to meet you @wendyjames! I hope to see you both again before too long.

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Only three of us but I really enjoyed the company and conversation of two such interesting women. Mae’r amser wedi hedfan / Time flew.

Venue: The Bluebell Cafe was very nice but may not be suitable for a larger Clonc (if they ever return :smile: )

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I enjoyed the experience of speaking only Welsh for an hour and good to meet you Deborah and Huw.


Thinking caps on for the next Clonc-edigion meetup! The last Saturday of the month is October 26th, and by tradition we should aim for somewhere towards the northern part of Ceredigion perhaps?

We have tried to choose places with Welsh-speaking staff where possible, but as long as it’s somewhere with a decent amount of room for us to get together, it doesn’t hurt for non-Welsh-speaking staff (and patrons) to hear Welsh being used :slight_smile:

If you live in Ceredigion - or just a short hop over the border - and you’d like the Clonc-edigion Travelling Meetup to come to your location, leave a suggestion here and we’ll happily add it to the list.

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Hoping i’ll be able to make it to the next meet up. How about Caffi Cletwr, Tre’r Ddol?


I’d second that - it worked well last time,


I’m always up for a visit to Caffi Cletwr! Let’s make that a definite :slight_smile:


Hoping to make it this time. Where exactly is the cafe located ?
Diolch. Hwyl am y tro

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